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We reduce geological risk in infrastructure projects with our technology, by providing the missing link between complex geophysical and sparse geotechnical data.

About EMerald Geomodelling

EMerald Geomodelling AS is a tech company dedicated to revealing unknown ground conditions, helping large infrastructure projects to reduce the need for intrusive ground investigations.

With airborne geoscanning and machine learning, we provide the missing link between complex geophysical and sparse geotechnical data. We provide full 3D coverage with quantified precision.

EMerald Geomodelling AS is based on 10 years of Research, Development and Innovation at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI).


Andreas A. Pfaffhuber

Andreas A. Pfaffhuber

(PhD), CEO 414 93 753

Pfaffhuber has extensive leadership experience in innovation, research, project management, business development and scientific consulting. Pfaffhuber is the visionary behind airborne geo-intelligence. He introduced airborne geophysics to NGI in 2007 initially for resource exploration and later for the unique application in geotechnical projects.

Pfaffhuber established the NGI Geosurveys section in 2012 based on a strategic research project. Geosurveys develops, adapts and implements geophysical, remote sensing and GIS methods in NGIs advanced geotechnical projects. For one year he contributed with Business Development to NGIs newly established daughter company in Perth, Australia.

Pfaffhuber holds a PhD in Applied Geophysics from Bremen University (2006) and an MSc in Applied Geoscience from Technical University Berlin (2001)

Craig William Christensen

Craig William Christensen

(MSc), VP Technology 967 57 872

Just like EMerald Geomodelling, Craig Christensen has a talent for bridging the gaps between seemingly disparate fields within applied geoscience.

In his MSc thesis, he combined geophysical measurements and geomorphological observations to analyse patterns in mountain groundwater distribution. Likewise, at both EMerald Geomodelling and NGI, he has led development of geostatistical algorithms that model bedrock topography using both geophysical data and borehole data.

Christensen started his career at NGI as a summer intern in 2013 and completed his MSc in Geology and Geophysics at the University of Calgary (2017). He also holds a BScE in Geological Engineering from Queen’s University (2014). His talents have been recognized by major academic awards from (among others) the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Queen’s University.

Guro Huun Skurdal

Guro Huun Skurdal

(MSc), VP Operations 976 60 192

Guro Skurdal has a solid background in geophysics and geotechnical field investigations, leading geotechnical ground investigation projects and processing of airborne geoscanning data. She was introduced to the world of airborne electromagnetics during the work of her MSc degree, a collaboration between the University of Oslo and NGI (2016). Improvement of the near-surface resolution of an airborne EM-system and comparing these data with geotechnical investigations was the core of her thesis.

With the combined experience from working with geophysical and geotechnical field investigation projects, Skurdal believes in the potential and advantages of implementing airborne geo-intelligence as a part of large infrastructure projects. Her understanding of the Norwegian geotechnical industry enables her to communicate with EMerald Geomodelling’s clients in the appropriate language.

Ronny Liverød

Ronny Liverød

VP Business Development 481 32 299

Ronny Liverøds passion for strategic planning and the deployment of new technology, as well as the mapping of long-term trends within construction caught fire as Head of Innovation at AF Gruppen, a leading construction and industrial group in Norway.

With experience from HMS systems in larger infrastructure projects such as roads, railways and hydroelectric power and as construction manager in Norway’s largest railway project, Liverød has built up first-hand knowledge of the intersection between a client need and what EMerald Geomodelling can deliver. He works closely with clients to expand the market and is looking forward to exporting Norwegian geotechnology to the rest of the world.  

Liverød has a BSc degree in economics and administration from BI Norwegian Business School and has completed the Executive Program at Singularity University in Silicon Valley.  

Giselle Linares

Giselle Linares

(MSc), Data Scientist 907 63 987

Giselle Linares uses extensive experience from EM processing, inversion and interpretation of data and combines it with her newfound dedication as a data scientist. Her aim is to enhance data quality for EMerald Geomodelling’s clients.

Her MSc in Environmental Geophysics sparked an interest in Electromagnetic (EM) methods. This knowledge first came to use to support oil companies in finding hydrocarbons. Dedicated to further understand the value of EM data, Linares specialized in Geographic Information Systems and Python programming.

Linares has a solid international background with a BSc in Geophysics from Venezuela and an MSc from France. She has experience in data processing from Libya and the UK from Western Geco Schlumberger, and data inversion from EMGS. She is now combining this knowledge in EMerald Geomodelling, working from Oslo, Norway.

Karoline R. Jensen

Karoline R. Jensen

Communications Chief 979 56 118

Karoline R. Jensen has a solid and wide-ranging background within communication with over ten years’ experience. She is key in EMerald Geomodelling’s communication with clients, partners and the general public.

Egil Möller

Egil Möller

Data Scientist 413 98 139

Egil Möller is a fully-fledged data scientist with extensive programming expertise. He is now determined to lift EMerald Geomodelling’s machine learning algorithms to new heights in terms of performance and applicability. Möller´s skills will improve our models to become even more reliable and include numerous additional types of information. This will give our clients faster results and better model quality.

Möller started programming at 14 and has continuously worked his way through many programming languages and abstraction levels, from assembly to C, LISP, JS and Python and from low level unix utilities to web development to data pipelines to machine learning. He has experience from Global Fishing Watch fishery management and IUU tracing environmental project, developing visualization for flaring from oil refineries, worked on Etherpad collaborative online text editor and wrote the first graphical boot screen for Linux.

Ed Harrison

Ed Harrison

(MSc), Data Scientist 464 40 719 

Ed Harrison works as a combined developer and data analyst. He uses his experience on a wide variety of datasets to dig deeper in subsurface information – thus enhancing our deliverables.

A fascination for meteorology at a young age sparked his interest in the climate and geography. This led him to study a BSc in Marine Geography in Cardiff, Wales, before specializing in Physical Geography with an MSc in Geosciences at the University of Oslo. In his thesis, he analysed over 60 years of climate data for Svalbard to uncover new correlations in ice reduction and climatic changes.

Harrison's diverse background, extensive knowledge of GIS and a curious mind work to improve the automation of data wrangling for our AI systems, as well as the interpretation and delivery of data for our clients.

Arnaud Le Breton

Arnaud Le Breton

(MSc) Chief Technical Officer, CTO 990 13 402

Arnaud Le Breton is a practical perfectionist with not only a wide and deep knowledge of technology, but also a strategic mind and strong business acumen.

For over 20 years, Le Breton has been applying his creative problem-solving skills and an analytical mindset to a wide variety of challenges. Throughout his career, he has had a hand in in many activities, including research, innovative instrumentation, data science, product development, and platform development. Not only that, the fields he has worked in are quite varied, including biological diagnostic systems and precision agriculture, oil & gas and maritime products. He comes equipped with a strong background in physics, mathematics and chemistry, and an extensive knowledge of IT, programming and data science. He has a Master of Science in both Physics and Material Science.

Having first-hand experience in all phases of the technology development pipeline, Le Breton is ready to help EMerald Geomodelling to develop what he calls "new superpowers for geoengineers" that will disrupt the construction and infrastructure industries.

Anne Have Rasmussen

Anne Have Rasmussen

(MSc) Senior Data Scientist and Geologist 221 73 909

Anne Have Rasmussen’s background in geology combined with over 10 years of experience in managing airborne-geophysics projects and data processing are key for EMerald Geomodelling´s future growth. She brings with her a passion for strategic development and years of insight built up during her tenure as Head of Operations at SkyTEM.

By combining technology with geology, her aim is to extract critical information from complex data and to communicate valuable insights in a way that anyone can understand. Rasmussen holds a MSc in structural geology and implements this know-how to combine geophysics and geology when working with the geoscanning data.

In addition, Rasmussen has several years of experience from the large traditional industries such as mining, oil and gas.

Axel Øvrebø Harstad

Axel Øvrebø Harstad

Summer Intern, Computer Science MSc 468 86 146

Harstad is just about to start his last year in a Master of Computer Science, with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence at NTNU.

As one of EMerald Geomodelling´s first interns, he is using an amalgamation of his data science skills working with the development of machine learning algorithms. The focus of which is estimating bedrock topography with quantified precision and forward modelling of geophysical data.

His background is a perfect fit to put theory into practice, especially with his newfound interest in combining AI with geophysics. Harstad is impressed with how Emerald Geomodelling is already utilizing the power of AI, but is excited to join the adventure in unlocking future potential.

Andrea Rosendahl

Andrea Rosendahl

Summer Intern, Geophysics BSc 403 81 944

Rosendahl has just completed her second year in Geophysics (BSc) at University of Bristol, England.

As one of EMerald Geomodelling’s first interns, she is striving to conducting sensitivity studies evaluating  data accuracy and electromagnetic uncertainties across varying subsurface depths.

Rosendahl loves both maths and geology, so her path was not hard to map out. She is dedicated to figure out how climate and natural hazards affect the planet and existing infrastructure. There are still many unanswered questions in this field, but you can be sure she will contribute in the battle to answer some of these questions in the future.

Our history

EMerald Geomodelling is based on over 10 years of experience and research in the fields of innovative airborne geophysics for geotechnical use by the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI). Here are some of the major milestones that led to our success:

2017 International project during construction phase:

Prior international surveys for tunnel projects in Zambia and Bhutan provided the basis for an exceptional assignment in South America. We carried out a survey in the high Andes to support a hydropower project during the tunnel construction phase. In this unique setting, the project owner utilized the provided models to reduce the geological risk during construction contract re-negotiations.

2015 Regional railway planning survey:

Inspired by the successes for road planning projects, the Norwegian national rail administration commissioned a regional airborne survey. These surveys were to support the nation’s largest railway development project — the InterCity project— in which 270 km of new double-track, high-speed railways were developed to connect the nation’s capital (Oslo) with surrounding areas.

The geotechnical engineer responsible for the project at the time, Anne-Lise Berggren, took the leap to invest, helping to reduce geological uncertainty early in theproject. In just 6 weeks, we covered 650 km2 and provided bedrock models that were used in further planning work.

2013 Road planning survey:

To increase the efficiency of soil investigations for the planning of 32 km new highway in SE Norway, we conducted the first airborne geotechnical geoscanning survey in Norway. Our aims were to map bedrock topography and reveal soil properties related to quick clay occurrence.

We conducted this pilot project within ongoing design works involving consultants from NGI and Cowi in a contract owned by the Norwegian public road administration (SVV). Arvid Sagbakken (SVV), Frode G Bjørvik (Cowi) and Steinar Herman (NGI) were the responsible geotechnical engineers that took the risk of trying an untested method in an ongoing project. The risk proved worthwhile as the survey results lead to a reduction in overall soil investigation costs.

2009 First survey in Norway:

We conducted our first Norwegian airborne geoscanning survey within a larger rock slide hazard research project. In Western Norway, one million cubic meters of rock are gradually moving towards Aurlandsfjord, posing a large hazard to residents and tourists. We tested whether this technology could identify sliding planes and thereby reveal mechanisms behind this movement of rock. Indeed, the survey successfully mapped sliding planes and major weakness zones along a planned drainage tunnel alignment.

Aurlandmunicipality, E-CO Energi and the Norwegian research council funded this study. Bjørn Sture Rosenvold (Aurland Municipality), Ola Gunleiksrud (E-CO), Ulrik Domaas (NGI), and Eystein Grimstad (NGI) were the open-minded stakeholders that supported this innovative approach with success.


We are seeking new talent to join our small, agile and young start-up. We may be small, but we already work with big clients like BaneNor and Nye Veier, not to mention we have started our international adventure. Here, you will be joining a vibrant and dynamic work environment where you will help us bring infrastructure development into the 21st century and where you will have some freedom to form your own role as we grow.


At the moment we are not looking for particular roles, but are always interested in hearing from you if you are interested in us and bring the fitting motivation and skills.

We post position announcements on The Hub.

Working at EMerald Geomodelling

Beyond a fair salary and insurance package, we offer our successful candidates an attractive workplace and working conditions. This includes:

  • A role where your voice will be heard and where you will gain a sense of ownership for what you create
  • More freedom than typical large corporation
  • A potential equity stake in a company on the verge of growth
The EMerald Geomodelling team

At EMerald Geomodelling, we’ve summarized our core values trust, honesty & support, Innovation and curiosity, and high ethical standards to three statements:

Helping a colleague succeed is as important as the joy of personal success
The geotechnical industry is ripe for disruption
Do good things and good things will happen to you


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Once we thoroughly assessed the added value of our method for your goals and received an order, you lean back and we care for data acquisitions, harvesting, integration and machine-learning based model building.


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Working with EMerald you won’t need domain specialists to make sense of the sensed. We deliver and give easy access to integrated 3D models that provide the insights your project needs.

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